Ghalegaun Village

Ghalegaun is a beautiful vilage. It is situated at an altitude of 1,970 metres(6461feet), northwest of Khudi which is the main entrance point to the famous Annapurna trekking route. There are 105 houses. The population is composed almost entirely of Gurung (TAMU) of which about 25 houses are Chhetri and Biswakarma. The Gurung (TAMU)are one of the ethnic groups of Nepal. They have their own Gurung language and a great culture. From Ghale Gaun you have a beautiful view of the Himalayas – Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Manaslu and many other small mountain peaks. You can also see the many rolling green hills and valleys belonging to 13 different districts.
The people are mainly Hindus and Buddhist at Ghale Gaun.Therefore, their festival are guided by these two religions.Their main festival is Lhosar(December/January).Also they will celebrations Dashai & Tihar in Chandy Purnima(Full moon) “May”.They performed a Ghatu Dance for four days with great ceromony. Another interesting festival is , people go to Dudh Pokhari at altitude of 5,205meter to take a ritual Bath and offer worship to a local deities during Janai Purnima(August).

Ghalegaun has a mountainous climate hence forests are mostly sparse pine tree.Willow trees add to the local beauty, as do the many bushy plants that grow in the region.Dense forest and big trees are some one to two hours walk away from the village.On approaching Ghalegaun by way of Bhalam Chour and Lami Tal, or on returning via Bhanche Gaun, one can walk through jungles of rhododendron,chestnut,with undergrowth of raspberry,nettle, hemp, mugwort, and many other plants. The region is home to many birds like partridges,nightingales, owls,doves, crows,eagles,kites, vultures and barbets.There are animals like cheetahs, leopards, bears,deer, wild-cats, martens, porcupines,hedgehogs, and foxes in the region.A multitude of insects like butterflies, bees wasps, grasshoppers, crickets, glow worms, ants and spiders are some insects found here.The domestic livestock in Ghalegaun are sheep, goats, cows, buffaloes and domestic birds like chickens, pigeons and ducks.

Most residents of Ghalegaun live the typical life of hardworking hill farmers.They wear traditional dress during special occasions and festival.Visiters are often fascinated by the lifestyle of the Gurungs.A typical day for the natives includes work outside and inside the house like:Ploughing or sowing in the fields, or cutting grass for livestock fodder, choppin firewood for cooking meals, milking cows, churning curd, fetching water from the spring.Washing clothes.During leisure people just sit in sun talking to neighbors.

Great Himalayan Culture Treks 6 Nights 7 Days
(Ghalegaun-Chan Pokhara-Bhujung-Pasgaun-Pakhrikot-Nagidhar)

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