Kathmandu Bhutan Tour

Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is like traveling back in time to an enchanted era. The Mahayana Buddhist culture which regulates the way of life of the people is still preserved in its pristine form. The chants of maroon-robed monks echo within its many monasteries, the inhabitants go about their daily chores dressed in traditional costumes and the architectural backdrop looks like a movie set. Bhutan exists in its own paradise, undisturbed by the events and trends sweeping across the world. A natural showcase and a cultural sanctuary, the Land of the Thunder Dragon is unlike any country you have seen before.
Paro is the visitor’s entry point into the kingdom when arriving by air. The country’s only airport lies amidst the terraced fields and farmhouses of this picturesque valley. Similarly, the national museum is also here, housed in an ancient watchtower by a hillside, overlooking the Paro Dzong,the Ugyen Pelri Palace and the valley. Paro also boasts of the 7th century Kychu Monastery and the famed Taktsang, the tiger’s nest’ monastery which clings precariously by the side of high mountain cliff. On the way to Taktsang lies the ancient fort of Drugyel, now in ruins. The annual festival of Paro Tsechu, which takes place in April, is a major attraction. It is a religious, cultural and social event lasting for a week. The people of the valley dress in their finery and gather at the Paro Dzong to watch religious and cultural dances and other performances, day after day. The festive spirit is strong and pervasive and leaves many a visitor enchanted.
Thimpu is the capital of Bhutan and is the seat of the royal government, housed in the mammoth Tashichho Dzong. The Tashichho Dzong is also the residence for the country’s head abbot and his central monastic body during the summer. Like all the other valleys, Thimpu is essentially a farming valley, but now a young bustling downtown is growing modern by the day, alongside deeply rooted spiritual and cultural traditions. Thimpu has its share of historic sites, such as the Semtokha Dzong, the first fort built by the Shabdrung,Bhutan’s first spiritual and temporal ruler. Thimpu Domchey, the festival of this valley usually takes place in the month of September when the valley floor is colored gold with ripening paddy. It is only a 90 minutes drive from the airport in Paro.

Day 01: Fly to Paro, transfer to HTL with guide, refreshment and free walk around the city.
Day 02: Thimpu local Sight seeing
Day 03: Visit to vegetable market in the morning, after lunch transfer to Paro and sight seeing
Day 04: Day excursion to Taksang monastery & view point
Day 05: Pick up the guest early in the morning and transfer to APT, fly back to Kathmandu

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