Janakpur Chitwan Ghalegaun

Janakpur: Located in the Terai region, Janakpur is famous for its temples and the numerous ponds which carry significant religious importance. This is an important historical and pilgrimage site of Nepal.
The city is situated about 123 kilometres south-east of Kathmandu, and 20 kilometres from the Indian border. Historically, Janakpur was called Mithilanchal, the centre of the ancient Maithil culture. The Hindu epic Ramayana is the most important historical reference to Janakpur. It is believed that Lord Rama’s wife Sita Devi (also called Janaki) is said to have been the princess of Videha. Her father, King Janak of Nepal, found baby Sita in a furrow of a field and raised her as his daughter.
As Sita grew up, the king announced that she should be wed by whoever was able to string the divine bow of Lord Shiva. Though many royal suitors tried, Lord Rama, prince of Ayodhya, alone could even lift the bow.
Lord Buddha, founder of Buddhism, and Vardamana Mahavira, the 24th and final Tirthankara of the Jain religion, are also said to have lived in Janakpur.
The best period to visit Janakpur is from September to March when there is pleasant weather and several festivals fall during the time.

CHITWAN (Adventure in the Wilderness)

If you are a wildlife lover there are many conservation areas and national parks in Nepal. Among them, Royal Chitwan National Park (a world natural site declared by UNESCO) is the most popular safari destination covering an area of 932 sq. km. The major attractions of the park are one-horned rhinoceroses, royal Bengal tiger, Leopard, spotted deer, sloth bear, four horned antelope, gangetic dolphin and crocodile. The diverse ecology is home to around 600 plant species, 50 mammal species, 526 bird species and 49 species of amphibian and reptile. Sal trees (shorea robusta) and 1.1m tall elephant grass dominate the jungle. One can explore the wild world by foot, by jeep and dugout canoe or on the back of an elephant.

Day 01: APT Meeting & TXF to Hotel.
Day 02: TRF to JANAKPUR.
Day 03: JANAKPUR Activities.
Day 04: TRF to CHITWAN National Park.
Day 06: TRF to KAPUR GAUN via Besisahar
Day 07: ENJOY HOME STAY with host FAMILY
Day 08: Trek down to KAPURGAUN.
Day 09: ENJOY HANANO IE Activities
Day 10: After BF TRF to PKR DOM APT ,Then FLY back to KTM. Airport Departure.

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