Chitwan Pokhara

Nepal has been the dream destination of intrepid tourists for a long time. She invites, welcomes, charms and bewilders her visitors. Those who have already visited Nepal cherish the experience and desire a second visit and those who have heard or read about the kingdom, soon find themselves making plans to visit.

The pattern of religion gives the country a unique status in the world. Almost all the important religious sects of the world are found in Nepal, however, the majority of the population believes in Hinduism and the conglomeration of the two religions, Hinduism and Buddhism serve as unique example of tolerance, brotherhood and harmony. Here too, all other religions co-exist in harmony. It is a country where people of different races and religions live harmoniously.

To many visitors, the Himalayan Kingdom conjures up images of snow-capped mountains and rolling green hills. Indeed, 8 of the world’s 14 mountains above 8,000 metres lie in Nepal, making it a mountaineer’s paradise. But Nepal has more to offer than just the high Himalaya. Small as the country may be, the land is diverse geologically as well as ethnically. You will find rich cultures and vibrant traditions, exquisite temples and monuments as well as fast flowing rivers and tropical jungles teeming with wildlife, making your trip an unforgettable one.

In Kathmandu, to cross a street is to traverse time. Shrines, temples, palaces, palace squares, timeless sculpture and legends that are parts of every brick, stone and gilded masterpiece, make Kathmandu Valley a veritable living museum.

Besides the Kathmandu valley, our excursion tour will take you from cities to villages and give you a glimpse of the ‘real’ Nepal. Cities, Villages, People, National Park, Rivers, Monuments, Temples, all are a part of this magnificent journey. And we take you to such places that will make you happy all the time and make your holiday trip meaningful.

Chitwan- Pokhara

CHITWAN (Adventure in the Wilderness)

If you are a wildlife lover there are many conservation areas and national parks in Nepal. Among them, Royal Chitwan National Park (a world natural site declared by UNESCO) is the most popular safari destination covering an area of 932 sq. km. The major attractions of the park are one-horned rhinoceroses, royal Bengal tiger, Leopard, spotted deer, sloth bear, four horned antelope, gangetic dolphin and crocodile. The diverse ecology is home to around 600 plant species, 50 mammal species, 526 bird species and 49 species of amphibian and reptile. Sal trees (shorea robusta) and 1.1m tall elephant grass dominate the jungle. One can explore the wild world by foot, by jeep and dugout canoe or on the back of an elephant.

POKHARA (A tranquil Valley )

“No words to describe
The serenity of the nook,
Battle of the Beauties
The bubbling brook.”

Edmund Hillary has said ” If there is a paradise on earth, it begins from the north to Pokhara”. Obviously, the landscape is stupendous! In the lap of the Annapurna Himalayan Range, Pokhara is blanketed with sapphire blue lakes, green forest, deep gorges, underground waterfalls, caves, hills and rills. If, Kathmandu is the cultural hub then Pokhara is the place for exhilarating beauty, a place to refresh and relax and to discover the wonderous creativity of nature. Many people from different parts of the world come here just to awaken the sleeping beauty. This is not only an ‘Ode to Odyssey’ but certainly a once in a life- time chance.

Remember! Nature is not ours to control but at least we can partake of its transient beauty

  • Day 01 : After breakfast drive to Chitawan via Bharatpur and check in hotel. After lunch activities like Tharu village   and Tharu Musium visit. Tharu stick dance and dinner.Day 02 :  Birdwatching and elephant brieding center visit. After lunch rest. Elephant ride and Jungle Safari.Day 03 : After breakfast drive to Pokhara. Lunch on the way. After check in hotel free.

    Day 04 : Early in the morning visit Sarankot for Annapurna view and Sunrise, comeback to hotel and have breakfast. Pokhara Sightseen.

    Day 05 : Fly back to Kathmandu.

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